Monday, October 7, 2013

Put On Your Pumpkin [Facial] Mask from Garden Therapy

My skin has been all out of whack lately, so I was so excited to try My Garden Therapy’s Pumpkin Pie Facial! What’s better than slathering pumpkin pie on my face? Nothing – that’s what! I am a mask addict and have countless tubes and tubs under my sink, some of which get old and have to be thrown out over time.  No such problem with this facial – it’s a powder! Just mix a few tablespoons of water with the powder and viola, a fresh facial right at home!

This mask smells like fresh pulpy pumpkin – ya know when you’re taking out all the goo when you carve pumpkins! I love the fact that it has goat milk powder and pumpkin powder to nourish my skin and walnut shells to exfoliate! 

Besides having a major hankering for some pumpkin pie, after using this mask, I noticed my skin felt tighter, brighter, and my red blotchy face looked healthier. 

My Garden Therapy makes all of its products in small batches using all natural ingredients. I love that I know exactly what I just put on my face! 

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