Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Let's Stay In" Date Night Ideas

This colder weather just makes me want to grab a blanket and cuddle up with a book...or movie...or my husband, but basically just stay in! Let me be clear that  although going out is nice (and often expensive), there are plenty of ways to have a date night during these colder months that don't cost you a thing (well they do, but not much). 

Dinner and a Movie
  I'm not talking about going out to dinner and then to a movie theatre!!! Why not make your own pizza (or you can even get a frozen one or any takeout that you want) and grab a Redbox movie. This is one my favorite things to do with my hubby! We have so much fun eating in our living room and watching movies together! 
    Homemade Pizza - $10ish
    Movie - $1.09

Board Game Night
 Although this might not be for everyone; I was lucky enough to marry someone who loved board games as much as I do!!! Why not grab a board game (or one of our favorites...UNO!!!) and have a little friendly competition. Sometimes we raise the stakes a little and the loser has to either give the winner a massage, or do dishes (I usually lose so Mark doesn't mind this one) or, my personal favorite, when we play UNO, loser counts their cards and gives that many kisses to the winner! It's silly, we know but we both get to relax during this time, have fun, and spend quality time together.
    Board game - FREE (unless you don't have any, then can range from $15-$30, depending on type)

Cook Dinner Together...or something
  Lucky for us, our  kitchen is big enough where we both can prep and cook dinner together! I love love love cooking with my hubby, although he often gets distracted and either ends up dancing with me in the kitchen, or trying to kiss me, I don't mind :) Next time you want to have a date night, why not pick out a fancy meal you both can test your culinary skills on, turn on some music and get cookin! If you don't have time to make a meal together or are just too busy with the holidays, why not start with something a little shorter in time and easier and try making a dessert together! 
  Dinner In - (depends on what you make)

These are just three ideas for staying inside and making sure you and your man spend some quality time together! I would love to hear all about your inexpensive, cold weather date night ideas!!!

Merry Christmas!

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