Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For Your Viewing Pleasure....

Hey y'all! What are your plans for the big three day weekend coming up? I hope something fun and fabulous! 

I am hoping to hit up the Farmers' Market, go for a walk on the River Walk, and maybe (just maybe) get a handle on my closet situation!

I have a few links that I stumbled upon earlier this week to make you laugh and smile...

I have no idea if there is any ounce of truth to this article, but (fingers crossed) Full House may be making a come back! 

I love this dress! It is perfect for the strange post summer season we are about to enter.

Oh my! I have never laughed so hard! This prank is too funny!

Oooo this purse makes me happy!

This article puts back to school into a whole new perspective. (I'm pretty sure if I ever have children, I'll be the quintessential 2014 mom)


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  1. Love all these links!