Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For the Month of October

The time has finally come. Today I finished my last day at the catering company. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and could not imagine that time would have flown this fast. The final trimester is here and I am only 10(ish) weeks away from holding little baby Hailey in my arms :)

Here are some crafts/projects/chores I am working on for this month:

-de-cluttering our guest room/nursery
-Painting an old bookcase and dresser for her room (don't worry the hubby will actually be doing the painting)

-Setting up the furniture that we do have/get (we are waiting on a crib and glider)

-Lamaze classes and a tour of the hospital

-CPR classes

We will see how much I can get done this month. We already have so much planned, with youth group on Wednesdays, and figuring out Sunday school lessons, we are swamped it seems.

More to come about our Baby Moon Trip!

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