Friday, January 30, 2015

What's In My Diaper Bag

First off, I absolutely love my diaper bag. I looked the entire pregnancy to find one that I liked. Yes there were many cute ones, with lots of space, that had the backpack straps like I wanted; but many were outside my budget. 

My diaper bag: JJ Cole (Grey Floret)

*There is plenty of space for everything (including the bathroom sink). My favorite thing about this diaper bag is the backpack straps (or you can wear it as a messenger bag). 

What I keep in my bag: (for an almost 2 month old)

-Diapers (I usually try and always keep 3-4 in the bag)
-2 Burp rags
-Nursing Cover (Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover)
-2-3 Pacifiers
-Desitin (just a small 2 oz tube)
-Extra baby outfit (Just in case Hailey decides to spit up we have extra clothes I can change her into)
-Extra shirt for me (In case she spits up all over me)
-Wallet (I keep everything in a small clutch that hardly takes up any room)
-Hand Sanitizer

Let me know if you think I am missing any important items. Also I would love to know about your diaper bag essentials.



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