Sunday, February 15, 2015

Travel Must Haves...

I absolutely love traveling and now that Hubby and I have a second office in Santa Barbara, we'll be traveling more than ever before. We will be flying to California once a month for work and then we also have a few vacations planned for later this year. 

Since moving to Texas almost four years ago, I've made countless trips back to California to visit my family and I have gotten pretty good at packing. I don't necessarily have it down to a science, but I've figured out what I can't live with out when I'm away from home. 

Here are a few products I hope will make your next trip less stressful and more enjoyable!

I can't figure out what brand my travel pillow is, but this looks fairly similar. My mom gave me her travel pillow for my recent trip to the Dominican Republic and I don't know how I ever traveled without one. They make sleeping on a plane a comfortable and you won't wake up with a sore neck. I'll never fly without one. ever. again. 

I'm not usually a germ-a-phobe, but I get really weird about germs when I travel. I always make sure I have a little pocket sized hand sanitizer with me. This island margarita scent is the best! It smells like a tropical vacation!

With all that re-circulated air and people coughing and sneezing, I like to give myself an extra boost of Vitamin C. I mix myself up an Emergen-C pack the day before a trip, the morning I leave for a trip, and when I get to my final destination. The cranberry-pomegranate flavor is my favorite. 

Hubby and I have to sleep with some sort of white noise. At home we have a big fan that we turn on and when we travel we pack a little mini desk fan. Mine is super old, so I can't share the link to it, but the fans above are super cute!

Pantene Pro-V: Dry Shampoo

The last thing I want to do on vacation is spend precious time doing my hair. In between washes I use Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo. It keeps my hair fresh so I can focus on taking in the sights!

I am always cold on the plane, so regardless of the season, I throw a scarf in my carry on. I have this leopard scarf and I absolutely love it. It is super soft, goes with just about anything, and doesn't take up a lot of room in my tote. 

I don't have a mobile charger but I wish I did. I saw one of these adorable Lilly Pulitzer chargers at TJ Maxx the other day. It wads $10. I had it in my basket and at the last second talked myself out of it! Last time I listen to myself!

A roomy carry on is essential regardless of the duration of your trip! I'm currently on the hunt for new luggage. I have a large suitcase that my grandparents gave me as a high school graduation gift and I have a small duffel bag that was my volleyball travel bag. Also from high school. I love the sleek sophisticated look of this leather bag from Maxwell Scott! It would be perfect for my upcoming monthly business travels. 

What are some of your travel must-haves?

Any trips on the calendar?

I was in Santa Barbara last week and I will sharing some fun photos later this week!


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