Monday, May 18, 2015

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Sometimes the internet has the most entertaining stuff on it! 

I love sharing the funny, interesting, and inspiring things I stumble upon. 


The Most Badass Women of Television History -- Yep! That's Murphy Brown in the photo above! I remember watching that show with my parents as a kid! Other characters to make the list are Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy, Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show, and Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder. Click the link above for a list of all the amazing female characters!

San Lorenzo North Showcase Villa -- When it comes time for Hubby and I to build a house on our land, we are all about a modern structure. This house is perfect with its countless windows and marble tiled pool! Click on the link above for a full house tour. 

Why Opening an Office Nursery was Rachel Zoe's Best Business Decision -- Leave it to Rachel Zoe to allow her employees to "have it all" -- the career, the marriage, the baby! Rachel's employees can now bring their little ones to work. Plus -- how cute is this nursery! Click the link above for the full story and more reasons to love Rachel Zoe!

The Beth Project -- This story is super interesting. A woman asked her photographer friend to capture her dramatic weight loss on camera. There are various photos, all depicting pop culture scenes with "before" Beth and "after" Beth interacting with one another. 

Bestie Row -- I'm sure y'all have heard of the tiny house movement, but these longtime best friends have taken it a step further by creating a tiny house village. Each family has their own tiny house, plus a community building, complete with kitchen and dining area. 

Hope y'all have a great week!


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  1. That office nursery is too cute!! what a good idea

    Natalie Murphy
    The PDX Prepster