Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nativity Scenes

Setting up the Nativity Scene was always one of my favorite things to do each Christmas Season. Kir and I would carefully unwrap each piece and place them one by one inside the stable. We would wait until Christmas Eve to place Baby Jesus in the manger. 

While putting up the Christmas tree was always kind of stressful (it toppled over on more than one occasion and now my mom ties it to a screw on the wall with fishing twine. Ha ha!), putting the nativity scene up was always really special and contemplative. 

Since moving out of my parents house and getting married, I have yet to purchase my own. This is my and Hubby's first Christmas in our new house and I am super excited to decorate. I can't wait to find a Nativity of our own!

Here are a few of my favorites, complete with sets for kiddos, since I am trying to find one to buy Hailey!

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  1. Our baby Jesus is missing one hand and a beast has a crack. No one seems to care though, it's all good! (I love the wood Melissa and Doug set)