Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Create a Comfortable Guest Room...

Since my family lives out of state, any time they come and visit they stay at our house. Creating a comfortable space for them was really important to me, since I want them to feel relaxed and at ease at our house. 

Here is a little tour of my guest bedroom and my top five tips for creating a comfy guest bedroom. 

One. Small Details -- Our guest bathroom is relatively small, with only one sink, so we decided that a mirror above the dresser would provide an extra space for someone to get ready. The monogrammed trinket tray on the dresser is perfect for rings and earrings. A potted houseplant on the nightstand provides some vegetation. Framed photos of our favorite places hang above the bed. 

Two. Climate Control -- Whether it is the dead of winter or a hot summer night, I need to have a fan on. Sometimes I need it for air and sometimes I just need white noise. I wanted to make sure my guests have the option to control the climate of their room. This Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan is perfect for my guest bedroom. It is slender, with a tiny foot print, which is great for small spaces. It has numerous functions and speeds and even has a remote. Plus, it is probably the most attractive fan I have ever seen!

Three. Soothing Color Palette --  Our guest room is small, so when we picked out decor, we wanted to make sure that it wasn't too loud. We settled on a yellow and white color scheme, which provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere. 

Four. Clutter Free -- I wanted to makes sure guests felt wanted and that their stay was no imposition or inconvenience to us. To do this, I made sure that the room was clutter free and that nothing we need is housed in the room, that way our guests can have the utmost privacy and space.

Five. Wi-Fi Code -- I placed our Wi-Fi Code in a little plastic frame so our guests can have easy internet access. I always feel bad when I am at someone's house and I ask for their code -- this way guests can log in at their leisure. 

Am I forgetting anything? Any other tips and tricks?


PS: I was provided the Ozeri fan for product review from Moderna Housewares. All opinions are my own! :)


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. Great room. I would love to be your guest, haha.

  3. Anyone who provides a wifi code upon arrival is my favourite person LOL ;)

    1. It is the little things! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Looks so comfy!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. What a welcoming space for a guest (yellow sheets were such a smart choice!). If only my tiny apartment had room for a guest bed too...


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  6. Such a cute guest room. I love the bedspread!
    Fash Boulevard