Thursday, April 21, 2016

Test Drive: Cold Brew Kitchen

Have y'all ever heard of cold brewing coffee? 

I sure hadn't! But when Cold Brew Kitchen reached out and offered me a test drive of their ground coffee with instructions on how to cold brew, I jumped at the opportunity!

I'm a major coffee and tea connoisseur. I worked at a coffee shop for a summer in college and loved whipping up fancy lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, but all of my coffee making experiences centered around the traditional method of making coffee -- using hot water. 

I wouldn't say I was skeptical of the cold brew process, but I sure didn't understand how it was going to work! Little did I know, the cold brew process is amazing!

Cold Brew Kitchen sent me a bag of their Cold Brew Kitchen Reserve Blend Course Ground Coffee

I decided to make an individual size portion, so I placed one ounce of coffee grounds into a glass, filled the glass with 3/4 cup of filtered water, stirred, covered with cling wrap, and placed it in the fridge. Cold Brew Kitchen recommends that you place the grounds and coffee in a glass jar, but I don't have a glass jar, so I improvised. The Cold Brew recipe can be found on their website, here

I let the coffee cold brew in my fridge for about 36 hours -- the folks at Cold Brew Kitchen recommend 24 to 48 hours, so I was right in between. 

When I took the wrap off of my little improvised glass jar, the coffee smelled incredible. I have always loved the way coffee smells!

The first thing that has to be done after the waiting period is over, is that the coffee and grounds need to be strained. I strained mine using a regular coffee filter. 

I decided to make an iced coffee with my cold brew. 

I filled a new glass with ice. 

Poured the cold brew coffee into the glass. 

And filled the rest of the glass up with vanilla flavored cashew milk, but you can make it with any milk or nut milk of your choosing. I also love coconut milk!

Stir that baby up! And enjoy!

I really loved the fact that the coffee didn't have that bitter or acidic taste that sometimes comes with the traditional method of making coffee. It was very smooth and velvety. 

I would highly recommend Cold Brew Kitchen if you are a coffee drinker. 

Don't have a gift for mom yet? She would probably love a bag of ground Cold Brew Kitchen Coffee!!


PS: Cold Brew Kitchen sent me a bag of their coffee grounds to test drive. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our little blog!

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