Thursday, June 2, 2016

Graduation Gifts for the 8th Grade Grad...

I have a cousin who is graduating from eighth grade in a week or so, and I have no idea what to get her. Being thirteen and getting ready to go off to high school seems like ages ago and I kind of forgot what the whole stage of life is like. 

I've been trying to come up with a nice, functional, purposeful, meaningful gift!

Here are some prospects...

1. Locker Organizer: While my high school didn't have lockers for everyday use, I did get one in the fall because I was on the volleyball team. I decked out my locker with a mirror and Aaron Carter and O-Town magazine clippings. Your grad is sure to be pleased with some cool locker accessories!

2. Tote Bag: All the cool girls at my high school carried their books and binders in a tote bag, not a backpack. Get your grad on trend with an oversized tote, perfect for carrying all her stuff!

3. Planner: High school was the first time I had multiple teachers and classes and the only way for me to stay organized was with my trusty planner. Help your grad stay on track with a fancy day planner!

4. Inspirational Necklace: Jewelry is always a nice gift and this arrow necklace is so sweet! May it always remind your grad where she has been and where she is going!

5. Photo Album: Maybe the art of printing pictures and keeping an album is a lost art; I honestly have no idea, but this photo book is so cute and personalized! Help your grad preserve her memories with a special photo album!

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