Friday, August 5, 2016

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Happy Friday!! My parents arrived in San Antonio yesterday afternoon and I couldn't be happier! Hubby and I have planned so many fun things for their stay. I'll be sure to put together a post about our adventures -- but in the mean time -- follow along on instagram @MeaganMarold to see what we're up to!

My Favorite Links This Week

San Antonio was the place to be in the summer one hundred years ago! Check out these great vintage photos of the Alamo City!

This is such a cool inspirational video from Nike. Plus, all of the track scenes were filled at my alma matter, Westmont College

This faux hawk braid is so rock-n-roll cool! Too bad I can't french braid to save my life. 

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum creates her capsule wardrobe with only 19 items! Wowza!

Speaking of paring down your wardrobe, here are 33 things to eliminate from your closet. I agree with a lot of these... but not the purses. I love my purses! I've got to have more than one purse. 

Want to do me a huge favor? Nominate me, Meagan Marold from Small Town Sisters, for San Antonio Fashion Blogger of the year! Click here, to make your nomination!

What's Trending on Small Town Sisters?

That red and white dress I can't stop wearing...

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today! Be sure to check out my favorite fall finds for capsule wardrobe building and home decor...

Cheers to a fabulous weekend...


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