Thursday, September 8, 2016

Holiday Boot Camp: Part 2 -- Christmas Cards

I'm back with Part Two of my Holiday Boot Camp! If you missed Part One, you can check that out here! How is your gift giving list coming along?

This week it is all about Christmas Cards...

Do you send Christmas Cards? I absolutely love sending them, but they are a bit of work and require some planning. If Christmas Cards aren't your thing and you don't want them to be your thing, just hold tight until next week -- there is no rule that says you have to send Christmas Cards, and you shouldn't spend time and money on doing something you don't enjoy. 

If you love sending Christmas Cards, start thinking about what style card you would like to send? I like using Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a photo card -- so I am going to need a cute photo of Hubby and Me. If you like sending a folded (non-photo) card, I would recommend Papyrus for their beautiful cards. 

Next, start thinking about when you would like to have your cards mailed by. I am shooting to take my Christmas Cards to the post office by Saturday, December 3rd. I'm estimating two weeks for my processing and shipping, so I need to place my card order by Saturday, November 19th. Note an "order by" date and a "mail by" date in your calendar!

Now decide who you will send your cards to. Close family and friends? Work colleagues? Old college friends? Make a list of who you will be sending cards to this year. Now, place a star next to everyone who you need an address for -- people who just moved, new friends, etc. It is now your mission over the next three months to acquire these addresses. Go!


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