Saturday, November 12, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 -- My Wish List

I can't even remember the last time I made a Christmas wish list! 

But y'all... it was so much fun! I felt like a kid again with the Sear's Christmas Catalog! 

I highly recommend that you make a list too -- mail it to Santa, leave it on your Hubby's pillow, give it to your mom... 

I have 25 Holiday Gift Guides coming your way this season and I thought I would kick it all off with my own wish list!

1. A Trip to NYC -- Go big or go home, right? I really want to go to New York sometime soon! I'd love to see a Broadway show and do all of the touristy things!

2. The 52 Lists Project -- I thumbed through this weekly journal at Anthropologie a few months ago and I think it would be a great writing exercise for 2017. 

3. Canon Rebel DSLR Camera -- One of my goals for next year is to take this little blog to a new level and I think one way I can do that is through better quality photos. 

4. Ralph Lauren Rollerball Perfume -- I love this fragrance so much and I recently ran out!

5. Kendra Scott Earrings -- I have this same pair of earrings in black and I probably wear them to work three days a week. I love this pink pair and I know they would get a ton of use as well!

6. Trench Coat -- It doesn't get super cold in San Antonio, so I don't need a heavy winter coat. However, we do get a fair amount of rain and on occasion temperatures do dip a bit. A trench coat would be a great addition to my wardrobe and I think would get a fair amount of wear.

7. French Bulldog Puppy -- I know that with my travel schedule a puppy is a really bad idea, but a girl can dream! For now I will just have to obsess over Chloe the Mini Frenchie and Bosun the Frenchie

8. Capri Blue Volcano Candle -- I always have a candle burning! Every time I go to Anthropologie I smell all of these candles and this one is my absolute favorite!

There you have it -- my wish list! 

What is on your wish list? Chime in with a comment below!


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