Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 -- Favorite Things

Are you fresh out of ideas for a few people on your gift list? 

This happens to the best of us -- but I have a solution....

Give the gift of your favorite things! 

Things you use everyday -- things you can't live without! You've tried these things and you know how great they are! Chances are your friends and family will love them too! When they open the gift be sure to tell them how much you love the product and why they're going to be obsessed too!

Here are some ideas to get you started...

1. Your Favorite Coffee Shop -- You go there everyday for a mid-morning pick-me-up and swear that their coffee is far superior than anywhere else! Buy a bag of beans or grounds to give any coffee lover a taste of your caffeine of choice! Pair with a cute mug!

2. Your Favorite Work Out -- Do you swear by Soul Cycle or Barre Method as the best way to burn calories? Give a month of sweat sessions to anyone on your list who has shown an interest in your way of fitness! Pair with a new work-out top!

3. Your Favorite Book -- I read some great books this year and chances are you did too! (The Happiness Project was at the top of my list!) Give an actual book to anyone on your list and inscribe on the inside front cover why you loved it so much! Pair with a cozy throw to promote wintertime reading!

4. Your Favorite Bottle of Wine -- Turn this cliche gift into something super personal! Does your town have a winery? (My hometown has two! McManis -- which has a fabulous chardonnay -- and Lucca -- which is owned by my second grade teachers family!) Did you find the smoothest merlot while wine tasting with girlfriends? Share the bottle and the story behind the beverage. Pair with a cute bottle opener

5. Your Favorite Home Fragrance -- Do people come into your house and comment on how good it smells? Share your favorite candle or infuser oil! I love this scent...


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