Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Attempt at The Happiness Project -- December is for Wellness

I read The Happiness Project over the summer (You can read my review of the book here) and while we were in Jamaica, I finished Better than Before and started to read Happier at Home

If you haven't read one of Gretchen Rubin's books, I would recommend starting with The Happiness Project! It has been one of my favorite reads this year!

I love the idea of the Happiness Project -- working on a specific aspect of your life, one month at a time. A month is a long enough period of time to make a difference, but a short enough amount of time to actually commit to making a change. 

I decided to start my project today, December 1st. I thought about waiting until January 1st, but that just seemed silly. If I really want to make a change, I should just do it now! This isn't replacing by 101 in 1001, but may overlap a bit!

For the month of December, I decided to focus on wellness. 

This month I am going to do the following:
-- go to bed by 11:00 PM
-- get up by 7:00 AM
-- drink 64 ounces of water per day
-- exercise 3 times per week

I always love a good challenge and I am super excited to start this journey! I think focusing on my personal wellness will provide some balance to the busy holiday season and will also reboot my system to start 2017 on the right foot! 

Has anyone else attempted/tried/completed a Happiness Project? Chime in with a comment below!


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  1. Love this! I heard of that book multiple times- I need to read it! I'll have to take a look at your review.