Thursday, January 19, 2017

Penny Tile Backsplash

One thing I don't talk about much on the blog is the fact that last year Hubby and I purchased a handful of investment properties and have been spending all of our free time fixing them up.

It has been a blood, sweat, and tears type of effort, but we are so proud of ourselves for making smart investments and for doing most of the work ourselves.

We buy the properties, fix, them up, and then rent them.

Our current project is a two bedroom one bathroom duplex unit.

This past weekend, we spent some time in the kitchen and put up a penny tile backsplash.

But first... let's look at the total kitchen remodel from the beginning....

This kitchen was in pretty bad shape. The first thing we did was paint over that lovely shade of aqua. 

We decided on a really pretty neutral color named Shy Gold
Then we started the backsplash. 

The AcrylPro is fabulous because it comes pre-mixed, ready to go, in a one gallon bucket!

This is what the tile looked like before grouting it. This was our first time working with the circle tiles. We found them really easy to work with and far more forgiving then square or rectangle tiles. We let the backsplash set for 48 hours before applying the grout.

We also use pre-mixed grout, which is super easy to apply. 

This is what the backsplash looked like after we grouted it!

And the appliances arrived...

We are so happy with the results of our penny tile backsplash and the overall feel of our kitchen remodel! 

We have a few finishes touches to apply this weekend, but for the most part we are done!

What do you think? Have you ever remodeled a kitchen before? Chime in with a comment below...


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