Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cute Movies I Recently Watched...

I don't watch a ton of movies, because I usually don't have a two hour block of time to devote to a flick. However, I've started watching chunks of movies -- usually about a half hour at a time -- when I take a bath. 

Here are three wonderful movies (all on Netflix) that I watched recently...

Hillary Duff's character, a writer for Cosmo Magazine, decides to get a job in the business world in order to find her "Magic Man." She ends up meeting someone who checks none of the boxes on her list, and it might just be a match made in corporate heaven!

This is a modern day spin on the ever so classic Cinderella Story. Katie Kassel is exiled from her family's fashion house after her evil step-mother and step-sisters betray her. In order to save the company, Katie decides to go back to work as a very talented (male) fashion designer. Lucky for her, Katie meets her prince charming -- who just so happens to design incredible shoes! 

This movie is definitely heavier than the other two. I would put this movie on the same emotional level as The Notebook -- so be ready to shed some tears. A young woman escapes her violent past and finds a safe haven in a small town. She falls for a recent widow and everything seems just about perfect until her past shows up to haunt her. 

Have you seen any of these? Chime in with a comment below...


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