Monday, August 26, 2013

Sleep Sleep Sleep

For the longest time I was having difficulty sleeping. With stress from volleyball, my senior year at college, and planning a wedding, I had a lot on my plate. Having the sweet husband (fiance at the time) that I have, he took me to Bath and Body Works and told me to pick out lotion that would help me fall asleep. For those who don't know  my amazing husband...he spoils me! Not a bad thing at all, but a simple sleepy time lotion turned into bubble bath, plug ins, and body wash.

I also heard somewhere that electronics can also cause problems with trying to fall asleep. So, I quickly made a schedule for me at night. I would take my shower, then have my cup of Sleepy Time Herbal Tea, get into bed and read for a bit and then shut the lights off and soon enough my sleepless nights decreased and decreased.

Although I am not going to lie, the night before my wedding I slept maybe an hour, but I figure that's one of those moments that is always going to happen. It's like going to Disneyland :)

Here are some my favorite products that help me get some beauty sleep!!


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