Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When Fear Comes Knockin'

If I hear a knock or an odd sound outside at night, I automatically freak out! My husband always tells me not to worry (easier said than done). I fear a lot of things in my life, like my future, finances  trying to find a house, a job, and starting a family. It wasn't till this past Sunday at church when our pastor said that what we fear, we have not yet turned over to God. It really stuck with me and made absolute sense especially in life. 

I tend to focus on the uncontrollable things in my life, but really what all do I have control over and really, why would I think that I would be a better "controller" over my life than God. It shouldn't be a scary thing at all but a happy and joyful emotion to be able to turn over my fears to God. I will not fear, because I know God goes before me and will only put me through what He knows I can handle.

This week I have definitely focused more on giving over my fears to God and fully trusting in Him with my future. Yes it is hard, but I am much more at peace with my life since focusing on that. 

Psalm 27:1
2 Timothy 1:7
Psalm 115:11

If you are like me and have a harder time with giving everything over to God, then take a look at the above verses. There is no doubt that God will take care of me and you!


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