Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Fall Decor -- Candy Corn Center Piece

Fall is such a fun time of year! It is cool enough for spiced apple cider, jeans, and scarfs and yet not cold enough to warrant coats, jackets, and ski masks! 

The past few days it has finally felt like autumn (Caveat . . . Fall in San Antonio still allows me to wear light weight slacks and a short sleeve blouse to the office, but the air is crisp and I'm not sweating my eyeballs out when I leave the comfort of an air conditioned building.)

I decided to take advantage of the changing seasons by adding some fall decor to my and Hubby's little apartment. We have a table in our entryway that I like to use for seasonal decorations. 

I gathered some easy to find and inexpensive items and let my creative juices flow!

Pillar Candle
Glass Candle Holder
Large Glass Vase/Huricane
20 ounce bag of candy corn 
Mini pumpkins
Various glass vases and candle holders to display pumpkins

How cute are those little metallic pumpkins! I found them at Target in the dollar bin! Also while I was at Target, I picked up a pumpkin spice pillar candle! It smells so good!

I placed the pillar candle into the glass cylinder candle holder and placed inside the large vase/hurricane. 

Then I poured the entire bag of candy corn into the large vase, so it filled the space between the candle holder and the large vase. 

Lastly, place the centerpiece where you plan on displaying it and add the mini pumpkins. I placed the pumpkins on upside down candle holders and vases to vary the height. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

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