Monday, September 23, 2013

Work out Apps

Working out and getting in shape was always an easy thing for me to do. I never really had to hit the gym that hard or watch what I ate because I had volleyball ever since I was in fifth grade. Now, since I graduated from college and am married, I am slowly noticing that I get tired more easily and lifting the 10 lb sack of flour is more noticeable to me. 

Lucky for me, I have an awesome Iphone with some pretty cools apps that help me get in the mood to work out. They are all a lot of fun, easy to figure out, and you can even customize your workouts, plus they are all free!

SWORKIT: This is one of my favorite apps that I have on my phone. You get a personal "trainer" who walks you through each workout assigned to you. There are many options to choose from on this app, such as, strength training or yoga, cardio & more. You can customize where exactly you want the target spot to be and also the time of your workout. To learn more about this app check out

FITNESS BUDDY: If you are a gym goer type and want to mix it up with some new exercises then this is the app for you. You pick a target area, such as arms, core, back, etc. and then it gives you a long list of certain exercises that target this specific area. I think the graphics and explanations for each exercise are great in this app. Check out the link to learn more about this app:

WORKOUT TRAINER: I like that this app has pre-programs set up for you, with a time, a level and target areas. This app, to me, feels more like a video put onto paper, which I like a lot. There are many options to choose from: Bollywood Groove Dance, Rapid-Fire Obliques, to even Slow & Steady Wins. Some workout programs you cannot do with the free app, but there are many options to choose from without having to go "pro". Check out this app here:

I hope you all enjoy and at least take a look at these wonderful workout apps! 

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