Friday, October 11, 2013

Bathe in Pumpkin-y Goodness - Artisan Soaps from Red Pisces

It has been "lather, rinse, repeat" with the Small Town Sisters this week! And we have loved every second of it! Test driving handcrafted beauty products for our faithful readers is so much fun and sampling all of the pumpkin flavored products has been a real treat!

Our final soap sample for our self proclaimed "Pumpkin Week" comes from Red Pisces, a fabulous shop in Frederick Maryland. Red Pisces features a wide variety of traditional soaps, specialty cupcake shaped soaps, as well as other hand crafted goodies.

The Moist Pumpkin Spice soap is made with real pumpkin, which is apparent from the delicious scent. The soap creates a wonderful lather and left my skin feeling soft, with the subtle smell of pumpkin pie.

Adorable packaging!

The Melted Halloween Cupcake Soap has the most incredible smell! My whole bathroom smelled of spicy orange and licorice! This soap glided on more like a body wash than a soap -- it had a luxurious texture that left my skin feeling super soft. It also left me smelling insanely good! This soap featured cute sprinkles, gold glitter, and a jumbo star anise, making it look like a fancy couture cupcake (without the calories!)

Looks good enough to eat!

Red Pisces features a wide variety of soaps and other bath goodies! They even have some manly soap for the main man in your life!


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