Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disney on Ice

It was a chilly fall evening here in Santa Clara. We were given 6 tickets by my hubby's company to Disney on Ice at the SAP Center. So, we invited 2 other couples from our church life group and what a wonderful time we had! Besides the fact that none of us have children yet (I would say we're all kids at heart), we still were singing the songs and laughing. Did I mention that we got to be in the Suite!!!

Although I would have never paid for myself (or any other adult) to go by themselves (without children) to watch Disney on Ice, but this really was a fun Triple Date opportunity to hang out with our friends from church and get to know them more. I also enjoy having date nights still with my hubby and I always love to get dressed up.

So everyone may not be able to get free tickets or have a similar opportunity as this, I would recommend you, my lovely readers', to take a look at whats going on in your city! Most likely they are always doing something free, especially as Christmas is coming! Have a date night with your significant other or just with your friends! Get dressed up and go out! You may even get away without spending any money (which is awesome!) and spend sometime getting to fellowship and learn more about people!

Although I am still not sold on the Bay Area (city living in general), we have made some pretty incredible people here and as I am getting more involved at our church and the community here, I feel like God has me here for a reason.

A scene of Peter Pan

I would love to hear all about  your favorite "cheap" date ideas?!


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