Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Facial Masque by Versailles Skincare Products

This Try me size Pumpkin Facial Masque is not just perfect for this time of the year but perfect for you face as well. Versailles Skincare Products produces this amazing handmade product, made with real pumpkin, plus it is a vegan formula. The packaging is cute and professional and the 0.25 oz product is enough for two applications. Thank you so much to Versailles Skincare for letting me try this masque out ( I love it!)

The product

Looks and smells like Pumpkin!

Got my Pumpkin Facial Masque on!

As you can see in the photos of myself trying on this facial, it should be applied thin and can even be applied to the face plus neck area. However, be cautious when applying if you have sensitive skin like I do (hence why I did not apply it to my neck area). Although I do have sensitive skin, this Pumpkin Facial Masque gave me no problems and left my skin feeling great! I thought my skin felt soft and gave my complexion a smooth look after trying this masque. Also, I love the fact that directions are given on the back of the packaging as well as the list of ingredients (which are easily found in most households)!

If you are eager to find a great masque for yourself or for a special lady in your life, then take a look at More information on this product, check out VersaillesSkincare on Etsy!



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  2. a pumpkin mask, never thought of this before, but I think i will try it out! I'm really looking at how to tighten skin that has become sagging and loose due to child birth. Any suggestions??