Friday, November 15, 2013

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas- Stove Top Potpourri

Christmas is slowly creeping its way into our little apartment. Although I don't have any Christmas decorations out yet (we're still in Thanskgiving/Fall mode) my hubby has been asking for a while now to make some stove top potpourri. 

So....I grabbed one of our pots that I don't use all that often (so I won't miss it while we use it for about a week or so), took out some simple ingredients and made my house smell heavenly.

In order to make this Christmas-y smelling aroma in your own house, all you need are a few everyday ordinary (things you should already have in your pantry) ingredients! Okay now let's get started assembling our "Christmas on the Stove" as my husband calls it.

First thing you need a pot, add an orange peel, 2 cinnamon sticks, about a Tablespoon of cloves and a dash of vanilla. Now fill your pot up with water and heat until boiling and then turn to simmer (and anytime you want to heat your pot up again just turn stove to simmer/low heat). That's it! Just a few simple ingredients that can last you a week, maybe even longer!  Just keep adding water when needed and enjoy! 


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