Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scent-sational Gift Ideas Day #3: Via Naturelle's Innocence & Snow White Retold

Today is Day #3 of our “Scent-sational” gift ideas series! We have been quite spoiled sampling all of these fabulous fragrances and today’s review of Via Naturelle proves to be no exception!

Via Naturelle prides itself on using natural ingredients and essential oils instead of harsh fragrances filled with additives and chemicals we can’t pronounce. 

We had the opportunity to try two incredible scents that transport the senses straight to a fairytale filled with princes and princesses, evil witches, and fields of flowers for miles and miles. These fragrances evoke emotions and will make any woman feel beautiful and confident. 

This fragrance is the softer of the two we sampled. It smells like a bouquet of carnations mixed with spices, which makes for a unique floral scent. Because of the spicy notes, the floral is not too sweet, providing the perfect balance. 

This fragrance is ideal for any floral lover and for those who prefer a delicate fragrance. Kir really enjoyed this perfume and thinks it is light enough to wear on a daily basis. 

This perfume was Meg’s favorite and chronicles Snow White’s journey from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after.”

This fragrance starts out with notes of crisp apple, much like the poison apple that brought Snow White into her deep sleep. A light, fresh floral scent follows, like a kiss from a handsome prince! Lastly, vanilla emerges as the perfume continues to warm with your body heat – a truly happily ever after moment. 

This perfume is truly intoxicating and is fit for any princess or princess at heart on your gift list! 
Hope your weekend is going well!

-Meg & Kir

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