Friday, November 29, 2013

Scent-sational Gift Ideas Day #2 -- Dollface Perfumes

Today is day two of our “Scent-sational” Gift Series! I had the opportunity to sample five solid fragrances from Dollface Perfumes – and let me tell you – it was quite a treat!

I had never tried a solid perfume before, but I think I may like them better than spray perfumes! No leaking! No oily residue! These scents, which come in chapstick style plastic tubes, glide on effortlessly! Plus, all the perfumes are made with natural beeswax and vegan candelilla! No harsh chemicals here! At only $3.00 a tube, these perfumes are the perfect little stocking stuffer for all the ladies on your list! Plus – get 30% off with code: DOLLSBLACKFRIDAYSALE

Dollface perfumes is an elegant and romantic perfumery. All of the fragrance labels feature gorgeous Victorian women and each scent has a unique, ethereal – almost other worldly – names.

This scent is a long lasting perfume that will keep you smelling sophisticated and sensual all day long! Notes of sandalwood and brandy mix with softer hints of orchids to create an exquisite fragrance that will keep all who encounter you intrigued and tantalized by your scent. 

This perfume is a light and airy floral scent with a hint of sweet berries! It is perfect for younger girls or those women who prefer a softer scent. This is Kir’s favorite scent from Dollface Perfumes. She thinks it is a perfect every day fragrance! 

For those with a sweet tooth or those who enjoy desert type scents – this perfume is for you. This fragrance smells of pure melted white chocolate and would be perfect for any chocolate lover on your gift list. 


With notes of almond, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk, this is an incredibly complex and sensual scent. This scent is long lasting and the various notes emerge as the day goes on and the perfume warms with your body heat. This perfume is likely to leave anyone coming into contact with you wishing for more!

This is my favorite Dollface Perfume fragrance. With notes of daisy, iris, and purple flowers, this perfume offers a fresh floral scent that lasts throughout the day. The perfume starts off subtle and gets increasingly more fragrant as the day goes on. The perfume is absolutely intoxicating and incites visions of fields of daisies and carefree afternoons. 

Stock up on these incredible perfumes – they make perfect stocking stuffers! I hope you all had a wonderful Black Friday! For more great deals from Dollface Perfumes, click here!


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