Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Years Cruise -- Isla Roatan, Belize City, Cozumel

Hey y'all! Before we rung in 2014, I posted that Hubby and I were going on a New Year's Cruise! (If you missed that post, click here!

We had the best time aboard the Carnival Magic Cruise Ship!  Our ports of call were Isla Roatan, Belize City, and Cozumel. 

On Isla Roatan we went zip lining in the jungle canopy. The zips were longer and faster than I had done before (in America -- where, ya know, we have lots of safety codes and regulations!). We also went to a lovely beach and frolicked in the warm, clear, Caribbean Sea. We bought coconut water from a bench vendor, and drank the coconut water straight from the green, baby coconuts

 In Cozumel we rode ATV's through the jungle! My hubby told our guide that we were experienced riders (watch out for lightening with that statement). We rode so fast through the mud and puddles, over rocks, all while weaving in and out of trees. (Speaking of which, I did hit a tree -- no injuries -- but it was scary because my ATV started smoking!) We cooled (and cleaned ourselves) in the ocean. We ate the best fajitas I've ever had at a beach grill

In Belize, we took a tour of the River Wallace and the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha. On the river boat tour we saw dolphins, manatees, iguanas, howler monkeys, and crocodiles. I have never been to a more wild and jungle type place in my entire life. It was beautiful, green, and the people were so incredibly nice. 

We can't wait to plan our next cruise! :)


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