Friday, January 24, 2014

Olympic Spirit! Go USA!

Winter Games start February 6th! How exciting is that -- the 6th is also my birthday, but more about that later! Can anyone say "ice skating!!"? CAN NOT wait!

Ralph Lauren designed the opening ceremony outfits for Team USA! The look was unveiled yesterday and is -- in my opinion -- simply stunning and about as All American as it comes! To read the Los Angeles Times article about the big unveiling click here!


 The cardigan, which is currently no longer available according to the Ralph Lauren Website, was for sale to the public for about $500.00. (Mom -- if you're reading this -- knit me one as close to humanly possible ASAP, please!)

If you didn't snatch one up yesterday -- or if $500 is waaaaay too expensive for your budget (um... my husband would freak out!) -- here are some fabulous finds from Etsy to ignite your USA Team Spirit! 

How great are these items? I'm obsessed with the boots and totally wish I could justify the purchase! If I ever run for a political office I will NEED those! So fun!

Are any of y'all planning on watching any part of the Winter Games? Any sport in particular? 


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