Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Day DIY Centerpiece

Valentine's Day is one of my all time favorite holidays! Maybe it is because it is the only holiday (besides my birthday) where everything can be shades of pink! Light pink, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia! Pink! Pink! Pink! Or maybe it is because of  truffles, heart shaped cookies, chocolate covered cherries.... yum! Or maybe it is because of the romance, love poems, and -- oh who am I kidding -- it's the pink and the chocolates!

Anyway, I decided to get a jump start with my Valentine's Day decorations because I totally sucked at life with my Christmas decor. (The tree went up on the 12th and we left on the 22nd for Hubby's parents house... and I equally sucked at life with taking down the tree... is January 10th inappropriate?) 

I decided to create a centerpiece for my entryway table using a very inexpensive filler - Conversations Hearts! :)

I used a giant glass vase and placed an old tin candle at the bottom of it and placed the candle I'm planning on burning on top of that. I did so I didn't have to buy as many bags of candy. 

 I bought three 8 ounce bags of Conversation Hearts and filled up the vase! It turned out so cute and adds a festive note to my apartment! Okay okay -- I did eat a few hearts in the process! Call me! Luv me! U R Cute!

 Anyone else decorating for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear from ya! 


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