Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Unique Lingerie Shower Gifts -- That Won't Break The Bank

Wedding season is upon us, folks! And if you've been invited to the Lingerie Shower, you've probably also been invited to the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and the wedding! Heck! You may even be a bridesmaid! All the festivities, while really fun, can take a tole on the ol' pocketbook!

When you get your lingerie shower invite, try and figure out how many people have been invited. If the bride is depending on her five closest friends to stock her up with some sexy lingerie, then you may want to go the more traditional gift giving route. However, if lots of girls have been invited, I'd say it is safe to stray a bit!

Here are some wallet friendly, unique, and far more user friendly lingerie shower gifts!

5 for $26 Victoria Secret Panties: Still a fairly traditional lingerie shower gift -- but as a married woman, I can promise you - these will get a lot more use then that $75 lacy bustier.  Any bride would be more than happy to have a new pair of panties for every day of her honeymoon. 

Here Comes the Bride Philosophy Gift Set: Perfect little lotion and shower gel set for the bride who likes to pamper herself. And if you haven't smelled this stuff -- it is blissful!

Mr & Mrs. Luggage Tags: Adorable luggage tags for the traveling couple! I love that these say "Mr." and "Mrs.," as opposed to "Bride" and "Groom," so they can be used for more than just the honeymoon!

Battery Operated Votive Set: For the bride who likes to set the mood with candles, this battery operated votive set is perfect to take on her honeymoon. 

Monogrammed Make-Up Bag: Have this adorable make-up bag embroidered with the Bride's new monogram! A gift that is sure to be appreciated! You can even fill it with sample sized versions of the bride's favorite shampoo, lotions, and body washes. 

Retro Apron: How adorable is this! Gift this apron with a pair of panties and instruct the bride to cook a meal in just this little ensemble.

Do y'all have any other unique lingerie shower gifts? Be sure to comment below!


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