Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Budget Friendly Finds at Target

I'm a big fan of Target, but for one reason or another I rarely buy clothes there. However, last week I ran in to grab some eggs (Target is closer to my apartment than the grocery store) and a few items in the women's department caught my eye.

I decided to go on line to investigate further and the verdict is in y'all... Target has adorable clothes! (I'm sure you already knew that!)

Here are some of my favorite items! Plus, they are all under $25.00!

Black Shift


I am loving all of these pieces! Do y'all shop at Target? Chime in with a comment below!


PS: This is not a sponsored post. Target has no idea who I am, but is very familiar with my credit card!


  1. I could spend hours in Target. They have such cute clothes and shoes and great prices!

    1. Sometimes when I need a stress release I go to Target and just wander the aisles! It is surprisingly therapeutic!