Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mission City Creamery

Located right across from Santa Clara University, Mission City Creamery is one of a kind. All of the ice cream is homemade and extremely delicious. My hubby and I love to go there for a sweet treat and have made a pact to never have the same flavor of ice cream, and let me tell you, with all their flavors always changing, the possibilities are endless. My favorite so far has been either Nutella or my most recent choice, Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The hubby tends to go for more fruity flavors like apple pie and blueberry but the Coffee flavor ice cream is also one of his favorites.

Mmmm good! This was a single scoop on a sugar cone of course :)

Hubby's Blueberry on a cake cone!

I would highly highly highly recommend you all check out this little creamery! It is never empty and always leaves me feeling like a little kid, giddy with my ice cream! 


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