Monday, June 30, 2014

City by the Bay

It was our anniversary weekend and of course this is the same time that the Cincinnati Reds (my hubby's favorite baseball team) play the San Francisco Giants. We have always tried to go and catch at least one game since we started dating (for almost 4 years now) and lucky for us we got to watch two games this past weekend! 

My hubby's work has lots of perks but some of my favorites are the free tickets to sporting games that we occasionally get. On Friday we got to sit super super close! I mean super close. We were down the first base line and only 9 rows up!!! It was sweet! We got to invite two other people and decided to have a double date and bring along his older brother and wife. They are pretty important people in our lives (especially since they introduced us to each other in the first place). 

Our view of the Reds warming up before the game

We also went again Saturday night with my parents (free tickets from my dad's work)! It was so much fun and I am so blessed to have two amazing men in my life who can appreciate the game of baseball (so my mom and I can talk and make fun of loud people behind us). But seriously it was great. My dad has always been a Giants fan and has always teased my hubby about liking the Reds. Here are some pictures from our second day in San Francisco!

Sweet panoramic shot of the stadium and bay

Freezing our butts off at night

Me and the hubs (almost 17 weeks pregnant!)

The new garden area in AT&T Park

Of course I had to get some garlic fries when I game to the park and then some Ghirardelli hot chocolate later at night :) It was splendid! I would love to know what your favorite ballpark food is!


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  1. You look glowing with that little baby bump!! Congrats to you two!
    xo Kat