Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So, my trusty Toshiba lap top bit the bullet this past weekend. Kind of bitter sweet -- every law school exam and two bar bar exams were taken with that hunk of plastic and smart electronic parts...

I have a hard time letting go of stuff... (#hoarderproblems)

Hubby and I decided it would be a good time to both get new computers for the office.

We ventured to the Apple Store and came home with iMacs and iPads.

The iPad -- love it! It will be perfect for traveling to CA when I visit my family and in a year or two when we open the Santa Barbara office.

The iMac -- what was I thinking! Learning a new system is soooo hard! How will I ever get over the fact that I can't right click any more!

This week has been painful, to say the least.

I am, however, having some fun with Photo Booth!

My feelings in regards to my iMac

Anyone else made the switch from PC to Mac? Any tips or tricks would be very much appreciated!

Here's to hoping the learning curve plateaus soon! 


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