Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Are What You....

In a world full of sin, we are constantly having "sinful things" thrown at us. Every direction we turn there are things that are distracting us and turning mankind farther and farther away from God. 

Hailey is beginning to "speak", more like coo. It is the most precious sound and I absolutely love to hear her sweet voice. That being said, I know that as she continues to develop and pick up on things, this will put me even more in the spot light. Whatever I say, or do she will mimic. Which is why I decided on this title, not only for the sake of those who are parents and our children are watching us, but everyone who is a follower of Jesus should be not of this world

Remember as you go through your day:

You are what you _______________


...anything that goes inside your body and mind is ultimately who we are and what we produce.



  1. You are absolutely right! You can not let the world turn you into something you were meant to be! Congrats on your new baby!


  2. WORD!