Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Week

As we enter this holy week, may you take a moment to truly reflect on the significance of these upcoming days and thank the Lord for sending his Son to die so that we may live. 

Palm Sunday
  The day when Jesus road into the city on a donkey, well knowing that the people who were shouting his name and laying down palm branches would soon be shouting "Crucify Him" in the coming days.

Good Friday
   Not a very good day for Jesus, but he new God's plan and trusted his father. It is a good day for Christians because it was a fulfillment of one prophesy that needed to happen in God's ultimate plan to save His children.

Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday)
   What a joyous day! Jesus has Risen! Remember to be thankful that without this ultimate sacrifice and resurrection from the grave we would not be saved. We would forever be living in sin without a chance to come before our Lord and confess and lay our burdens on Jesus. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter week and weekend with family!


  1. hope you have a lovely easter week!

  2. Beautiful post on holy week! So glad to be a part of the family of Christ.

    Happy Saturday :)