Monday, April 27, 2015

Month 4

Sorry that I have been lousy at posting this month...last 2 months? Year?! Heck...I don't even know what day it is anymore. Mommy life is still amazing but let me say this...TEETHING SUCKS!

Hailey hasn't had any teeth cut through yet...but we are in the beginning stages of drool, drool and more drool..oh and biting and crying because her poor little gummies are swollen. My poor baby! I feel so bad and let her chew on my hand whenever she wants (except she is really starting to hurt now so I need a new solution). So Mamas help me out!!!!

(don't mind the baby in clothes in the bath tub...this is Hailey's favorite spot)

This is what we have tried so far:

Hyland's Teething Tablets 
-she doesn't mind me putting them in her mouth and they seem to at least calm her down after awhile

Baby Orajel Naturals
-again she doesn't mind me rubbing this on her gums, most of the times it doesn't actually stay in her mouth. I haven't noticed a significant difference after she gets this

Sophie la Girafe Teether
-Meg got Hailey this for an Easter present and man does she go to down on this thing. I love that she can actually hold it and she loves gnawing on Sophie (Hubby isn't a fan of the dog like squeaker it has)

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder 
-When I notice that she is hurting pretty bad and nothing seems to be helping, I put a little ice cube in this mesh feeder and she loves to suck on it. It numbs her little gums and keeps her preoccupied for a while (I am starting to freeze breast milk in ice cube trays instead of giving her water so she can have them more often)
 *She does get soaked while sucking on this ('s ice!) so we either put a bib on her or just change her right after

I would love to hear about your teething remedies because we sure could use all the help we can get over here :)

*P.S. Next month it's food time for little missy! 


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  1. Scar is nine months old now, and sadly, teething still sucks!
    xx Lexi @glitterinclexi | Glitter, Inc.