Monday, July 20, 2015

Cooling Off This Summer

Although I don't live in Texas like still gets pretty hot here (at least for this Cali girl), especially when we don't have an AC in our apartment. Here are some great ideas to keep you cool and get you out of the house this summer. 

You and your little one will love getting out of the house and exploring the city!

1. Visit your local library!
    -a lot of the time libraries have classes or story time for your little ones plus they have AC!!!

2. Cruise a farmers market!
   -around the bay area at least they have weekday farmers markets. These are perfect if you need a quick outing and usually happen in the mornings while its still somewhat cool outside. (plus they have samples!!!)

3. Check out a Museum
  -they occasionally have free days so feel free to splurge on ice cream afterwards as a treat! 
   * Here are 2 great museums in Santa Clara:
4. Pack a Picnic and head to the park
  -parks are fun enough but add in food and

wow! Doesn't even have to be lunch...can just be a morning snack (or blended iced coffee)

  *Hailey loves going to the park and swinging. She also just loves to get out the house and play around on a blanket in the grass!

5. Go to a concert
  -I know in Santa Clara and some of the other cities around us have great concerts in the park...and they're free! 

I hope you all can find time and venture out this summer!

P.S. If you have a pool that is always a great option! Hailey loves to go swimming!!

Stay cool!


  1. Adorable pictures!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. Great tips! Museums are a good idea - nice and cool, and cultural!

  3. Cute !

  4. Great ideas! Adorable babies!

  5. Love this! I just moved to Cali and need some of these good ideas.

    The babes are so adorable :)