Sunday, July 12, 2015

Product Review: Black Lace Flats from Exalted Heights

My hubby and I have been traveling a lot lately and since having miss Hailey, we feel like we take practically the whole house when we go somewhere. I love to try new outfits out and pair new things together when we go on vacation. Don't ask me why, I just feel more bold to try new things when I am not at home (mind you, I live in Santa Clara, it's not like I see anyone I know anyways)! Thus being said, we try and pack light so we have enough room for all of  Hailey's stuff. Which is where I come to my product review. I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the most adorable shoes ever! No lie! These shoes are super super super cute! 

First off, Exalted Heights  where these awesome shoes can be purchased from is a Christian based company that is all about their customers. They are here to make you happy! Pretty sweet right?! They also have many select items which are made in the U.S.! I'm telling you, check out this company! 

So....back to my lacey black shoes from Exalted Heights. They are made for literally anything: morning brunch, grocery shopping, date night, church, youth group mini golf event?! ANYTHING! I can't even truly describe how pretty these shoes are. I wore them this weekend to my parents house and my mom would have loved if I would have left these shoes at their place. I am telling you....she loved them. Because of their basic flat closed toe shoe style, they really are for any age.

Here are two different looks, all while keeping the shoes the same. Just so you can see how versatile these shoes really are!!!! Truly a dainty black lace ballet flat that can dress up or down any outfit :)

On our way to church this morning. 

So cute with jeans! 

 I love that I can wear these with a dress instead of having to wear heels (all while carrying a baby).

 Baby girl wanted in on some action.

Love this lacey dress paired with the black lace flats!

How cute right?! I've also worn these shoes with white shorts and a black button up top and it looked so cute and super casual. Perfect for the coffee date I went to with one of my best friends from high school!

Now ya'll are probably thinking, these shoes aren't perfect. I know I know. And I am nice like that so I am going to be honest and tell you my downfalls. The size seems to run a tad small to me. Nothing like crazy order a whole size larger, maybe just be aware and a 1/2 size bigger. Another thing that I did notice was that the bottoms are a bit slippery. I was wearing them in the grocery store (no lie) and I had to kinda watch myself because I did do a bit of a slide in them. But seriously people these shoes are just so pretty! Lacey, and black, and closed toe even! 

You guys have to go check out their website 

So many cute items and definitely reasonably priced! I am looking right now for my next purchase!

I hope you enjoyed my product review of Exalted Heights' Black Lacey Flat Shoe! And I hope you guys can all go and check out their website!!!



PS: I received these adorable shoes in exchange for a product review post. However, as always, all opinions are my own!