Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Travel Diaries: Washington DC -- The Lincoln Memorial

Happy Wednesday friends! Half way there!! We can do it!

This is my final Washington DC post! In case you missed the first two, you can check them out here and here!

The Lincoln Memorial is by far my favorite memorial in DC. There is something so majestic about the grandeur of the structure and the awe inspiring feeling of seeing the larger than life presidential sculpture.

Hubby and I visited the Lincoln Memorial a few times; once on our Segway Tour, again during the day, and then one night on a late night walk through the city.

The Lincoln Memorial is located directly across from the Washington Monument. In between the two facades is the reflecting pool, which is -- for you movie buffs -- where Jenny wades through the water to get to Forest at the Peace Rally in Forest Gump.

We had such a fun time in DC! I would highly recommend a trip to our Nation's capital, if you have never been. 


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  1. Oh this reminds me of the time I went to Washington. The monuments look awesome in real life and getting to see the white house as well :)