Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Manresa State Beach Camping Trip

The hubby and I love going camping and we both agree that we don't go often enough. Lucky for us, we have had the opportunity this past month to go twice! At first I was stressing out like a mad woman at the thought of going camping with my 8 month old. Little did I know that she would have no problem adapting to the change (considering she was sleeping in a port-a-crib there wasn't too much change), I was the one who was going to be adapting.

I'll skip telling you guys everything that went through my mind and all the stress factors and week of packing I did for 2 nights of camping and just show you guys some pictures instead!!!!

Taking a nap with daddy in the tent while mommy was with the youth at the beach

Beach Sunset
Daddy and Hailey playing in the sand

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