Sunday, October 25, 2015

Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum | San Antonio

Last week my parents flew into town for a visit. It is always fun when they come to San Antonio because Hubby and I get to play tourist in our own city and take them to neat spots we haven't visited before. We had the best time sightseeing and eating our way through San Antonio!

For this trip, my Dad really wanted to check out the Buckhorn Saloon Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum.

I had little to no expectation for these museums, as the saloon looks like a tourist trap from the outside -- complete with a guy out front in chaps and a cowboy hat ushering folks inside.

However, the museums totally blew me away. They were really neat and we had a ton of fun time traveling through history.

The Buckhorn Museum contains over 520 species of taxidermy animals. I was a little uncomfortable at first since I am extremely against hunting for sport. However, after learning about the history and coming to the understanding that hunting for sport is now a highly regulated industry and the fact that we now have conservation laws and endangered species protections, I just kind of rolled with it. This is how it was back then in the 'wild wild west,' but this is not how it is now. Thank goodness

The Texas Ranger Museum is home to countless photos, pistols, and artifacts of the famous Texas Rangers -- Texas' statewide law enforcement agency. My favorite part of this museum was "Ranger Town" which has a saloon, jail, blacksmith, and newspaper office. The museum also contains a Bonnie and Clyde Exhibit, complete with a replica of their getaway car -- bullet holes and all. 

Such a fun time! More photos of my parents trip to San Antonio to come soon!


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