Monday, November 16, 2015

Artisan Spotlight: Pink Parchment Soaps

Although I do love the colder weather months that are ahead of us, my skin is not as excited. If you are anything like me you have a hard time finding good skin care that can take care of your dry heels, cracked elbows or anything else that may not favor these cold months. 

Pink Parchment Soaps is our Artisan of the Month and I am so excited to share some of their cool products with you! They use all natural ingredients (which my skin very much approves of) and their products can easily be found on their Etsy Shop:

Not only are their products pretty to look at, but they made my skin feel amazing!!! I was given the privilege to try 3 of their products and here is what I thought about them:

Bourbon Vanilla Shea Butter Soap:

It smells amazing like a light vanilla scent. Nothing too overpowering (which is how I feel about a lot of hand soap). After using this soap, my hands felt incredibly clean! I know that is probably a weird thing to say (like obviously they should be clean you just washed them) but honestly!!!! I mean my hands feel clean! They have never felt this clean and free of who knows what! 
Overall, I love this soap! It is fresh smelling and doesn't leave any residue behind! 


Lavender Sugar Scrub
My feet have been dry and cracked for awhile now. I am long overdue for a pedicure and with Hailey, I just haven't found or made time to go get one. I used this scrub on my feet and WOW! Smells incredible (lavender is one of my favorites) and it feels amazing! Just putting a small amount and lathering my feet with this scrub made me feel pampered and helped to start treating my poor feet!
Overall, I can't wait to use this scrub again tonight!

Rose Bath Bomb

I am always a little hesitant in the beginning with bath bombs. I mean if I am going to fill up my tub with all that water (we're in a drought here people) I better enjoy it and make it worth my time. This bath bomb smells amazing and made my skin feel extra soft after the bath! I also really liked the fact that this bath bomb didn't leave a large amount of the residue behind (having a baby who takes a bath, that is a big deal for me). Overall, I enjoyed my bath and my skin thanks you Pink Parchment Soaps!

If you are looking for the perfect Stocking Stuffer or Gift I would highly recommend you check Pink Parchment Soaps out! Prices are great, packaging is so clean and cute looking and Trish is great to work with! So please please please go and check out this months Artisan, Pink Parchment Soaps

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