Friday, January 8, 2016

Life Lately...

Happy Friday! Congrats! We made it through the first work week of 2016! Woo hoo!

Just a few photos, links, and thoughts I wanted to share with y'all!

I love this photo. I snapped it a few months ago while Hubby and I were taking a stroll on the River Walk. The air was crisp, the sun was setting, and we found a few moments to escape from the crazy work day. 

I'm currently obsessed with these shoes!

Interesting article on a case regarding surrogacy and a woman's right to choose. The legal, moral, ethical, and religious issues are weighty. 

I think I need these earrings

In case you missed it, I am doing 101 things in 1001 days!

I'm currently reading Baby Proof.

Happy Weekend!


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