Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring 2016 Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Alright y'all! I finalized my 2016 Spring Casual Capsule Wardrobe and I am pretty excited!

If you need more information on what a capsule wardrobe is and why I decided to create one, you can read all about it here

My working wardrobe is very professional -- lots of suits and high heels -- while my after work life is pretty casual. I wanted to make sure this capsule was comfy, yet appropriate for running errands and going out to dinner with friends. 

I narrowed down this casual capsule to 38 items --  6 dresses, 8 bottoms, 17 tops, 1 jacket, and 6 pairs of shoes. 

I realize this may seem rather large for a weekend and after work only capsule, but I was very proud of myself for whittling away at my wardrobe and donating the pieces that hadn't been worn in years. 

Without further ado -- my Spring 2016 Weekend Capsule Wardrobe...

8 Bottoms
Black Shorts (Similar)
Denim Jeans (Similar)
Pink Shorts (Similar)
White Cropped Pants (Similar)
Polka Dot Shorts (Similar)
Denim Skirt (Similar)
White Trouser Pants (Similar)
Striped Shorts (Not pictured -- Similar)

9 Long Sleeve Tops
Denim Jacket (Similar)
Tunic Top (Similar)
Black Sweater (Similar)
Striped Button Down (Similar)
Pink Sweater (Similar)
Chambray Top (Similar)
Orange Sweater (Similar)
Striped Oxford (Similar)

7 Short Sleeve Tops
Baby Doll Top (Similar)
Embelished T-Shirt (Similar)
Pink T-Shirt (Similar)
Black & White T-Shirt (Similar)
White T-Shirt (Similar)
Gray T-Shirt (Similar)
Red T-Shirt (Similar)

4 Tank Tops
Silk Tank 
Sequined Tank (Similar)
Collared Tank
Striped Tank (Similar)

6 Dresses
Wrap Dress (Similar)
Striped Maxi (Similar)
Sheath Dress (Similar)
Cowl Neck Dress (Similar)
Strapless Maxi (Similar)
Sundress (Similar)

6 Pairs of Shoes
Disclaimer: My shoe game is pathetic and they are all pretty warn. I tried to photograph them, but I was kind of grossed out (I'm talking to you weird body oil imprint on my Rainbows...) So I decided to spare you all the discomfort and just link up my old pairs to new pretty pairs that are similar! 
Nike's (Similar)
Slip Ons (Similar)
Saltwater Sandals
Rainbow Flip Flops
Nude Wedges (Similar)
**One pair of new sandals when I find them **

And that is my Spring 2016 Casual Capsule Wardrobe! Until the last day of Spring (June 19th) I'll be spending weekends and after work in the outfits above. I do want to note that fancy dresses were not included in my capsule, but may need to be pulled from storage if the occasion calls for a fancy dress. And of course my winter, fall, and summer clothes also went into a storage box. 

As you can see by all of the links to similar items, as opposed to direct links, I did not purchase anything new to create this capsule. I organized my closet and donated a lot of items that I hadn't worn for a long time. I also re-discovered items that were wedged in between larger items or that somehow ended up on my closet floor. Items that I was on the fence about went into a storage bin and I will re-think for the summer season. 

I feel so free with a cleaned out closet. I feel so organized and put together. 

Have any of y'all tried a capsule wardrobe? Did you love it? Hate it?

Chime in with a comment below! :)


PS: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on the links, I receive a small commission. As always, thank you for supporting this little blog!

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