Monday, December 12, 2016

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

This weekend was cold and dreary! That's okay because I had to take two finals for my masters (I'm working on an LLM in estate planning). I lit tons of candles and enjoyed my festive living room while I studied! 

Y'all! I purchased an Elf on Shelf and I am having too much fun with the little guy. Here is what our elf -- Frederick -- has been up to lately...

 "Hi! I'm Fred"

Peace on Earth 

 Uno with the Armadillo


Stuck in the Q-Tip jar! 

 Drawing on the banana

Lazy Day 

 How did this happen?

 Gotta stop and smell the pink peonies!

Let the good times roll...

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I totally think I am going to whip up these Oreo Cookie Balls for a holiday treat!

Wine and popcorn pairings for your next girls-night in! Yummy!

I bought this sweater to wear on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

I splurged and bought myself this facial mask! It is so good!

I am currently searching for a mock-tail recipe for Christmas day! Got any good ones?

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Have a great week!


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