Tuesday, January 31, 2017

30th Birthday Wish List....

My 30th birthday is next week! Eek! That means in less than seven days I will embark on the third decade of my life! 

I decided to put together a fun little bogus, out of this world, dream land, pie in the sky, birthday wish list! I made one for Christmas and it was so fun I couldn't help myself! The list consists of things I would never (and some that I could never) buy myself, and a few that a might just have to splurge on! You only turn thirty once, right?

So here are my top thirty over the top birthday gifts....

This sexy little sheath dress 

This cross-body bag is perfect for everyday adventures

Still wishing for a French Bulldog like Bosun or Chloe

A trip to NYC...

and England....

and Paris!

This kitchy letter opener

Cupcakes from Crushcakes Cafe

This funky cupcake bag is the cutest thing I've ever seen

This satchel would be perfect for work

Something knit out of this yarn

Highlights and a haircut at Darin Jon

A new yoga mat

This DSLR camera

with this lens

A brand spankin' new 2017 Toyota 4Runner 

This watch

This adorable dress 

A spa day at Float in Santa Barbara

A place to wear this ball gown

This super cute one piece bathing suit

Diamond and Pearl earrings

Backstreet Boys Concert in Las Vegas 

This sweater makes me want to pack a picnic 

A 50 Day Grand World Voyage Cruise 

I can't wait to celebrate my 30th!


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