Thursday, February 2, 2017

DIY Hand Crafted Valentine's Cards...

I know I've mentioned it before... but I love Valentine's Day! This year I decided to try my hand at some cheeky, hand crafted cards!

I found some adorable retro prints on Pinterest and ultimately decided to go with this one

I had the graphic printed at my local CVS store on 4 x 6 photo paper. 

I layered red card stock and the printed photo on top of 5 x 7 cards. I used double sided tape instead of glue, because I've discovered in the past that glue sort of warps the photos, while the tape keeps the image laying flat. 

I decorated the envelopes with heart stickers I found in the greeting card aisle of my local grocery store. 

And true to the card's message, "Got me whistling please, percolate for me," I paired my cards with little packets of coffee. The coffee I chose is 'Texas' and 'San Antonio' flavored, since I am sending them to out-of-state friends and family. You can find other little packs of coffee here

Have you ever made Valentine's Cards? Chime in with a comment below...


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